Understand Your Market


What is it?

Advantage Business Media regularly conducts primary business‐to‐business research as a function of our content strategy for industry coverage. In addition to this editorial, we can conduct custom proprietary research for manufacturers and service providers.

Whether you want to pursue thought leadership, launch a new product, enter a new market segment, create an ad campaign that resonates with your prospects, measure ROI, or pursue other strategic marketing initiatives, we can help.

Our industry experts can customize a research study for you using best-practice data collection methods. Advantage Business Media manages all phases of the research project, including survey development and deployment, data collection, tabulation, statistical analysis, and reporting.

Why is ours better?

Our market expertise is concentrated within the markets we serve, ensuring that our research plan benefits from deep industry expertise. R&D's Global Funding Forecast, sponsored by Battelle, is so highly regarded that it is presented annually to members of Congress.